We make it easy to find ban compliant solutions that are right for your business.

Who Are We?

Plastic Free Places is run by the Boomerang Alliance, a peak not for profit organisation focussed on finding solutions to waste issues. We provide one-on-one support to food retailers, events and organisations in communities around Australia. We've worked with thousands of businesses to find alternatives to single-use plastics, we're experts in finding solutions!


We run on-ground programs for food retail businesses in select communities across Australia. Find out if you are in one of our program areas to receive free one on one support.


We have an extensive library of guides to help you based on the many businesses we have worked with. We understand your challenges and aim to make it easy and cost-effective for you to run a sustainable business.

Why use our Solution Finder?

We’re experts in sourcing single-use plastic alternatives

We've worked directly with thousands of businesses to eliminate over 27 million single-use plastic items.

Our Database is always up-to-date

We work with suppliers consistently to ensure the information is the latest available.


We assess every product to ensure ban compliance in your state. We cross-reference with certification bodies, check product composition and verify claims.


Need some help? Find it here.

If you can't find what you're looking for,
contact us.

Why this website?

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We've worked with so many businesses who have tried to eliminate single-use plastic, but have been misled by greenwashing and misinformation from the supply chain. Many products claim to be plastic-free and/or adhering to bans, but are simply not.

This is difficult and frustrating for businesses.

With our experience of the industry, we wanted to develop a simple solution so hospitality businesses and other sectors can easily find the right alternatives to bans and have confidence in their purchasing decisions.

We also wanted business to consider reusing and avoiding when looking for solutions.

This website is the result of that - simple and clear information from an experienced, independent, not-for-profit source.

Why can’t I see my state or territory?

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Your state and territory will only show up if your government has opted in for this service. Please let them know if you would like to see your location listed on the site.

Do suppliers pay to be on the website?

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No - we do not accept any payment or kickbacks from suppliers to be on the website.
We are completely independent and will assess any product submitted by any supplier for ban compliance.

How do I search for a product?

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Choose your state, select the banned category or categories you are looking for an alternative to, click 'apply search' and your results will show. You can further filter results by selecting features on the lefthand side of the search results page.

Why can’t I find the product I’m looking for?

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Not all products available on the market will be featured in the results list. This could be because the supplier has not yet submitted the product to us for assessment, or we have assessed it as not ban compliant.

Please note just because a product doesn't show up, that doesn't mean it isn't compliant.

How do I print a list of products?

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If you would like to add a product to your print list, select "add to print list". Scroll to the bottom of the page to preview and download your print page.

How do I purchase the products?

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We don't sell products, we simply provide a list. You can purchase products through your chosen supplier. To make it easy, you can download a list of your chosen products to show your supplier to ensure you purchase ban compliant products.

Who can I contact for more help?

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If you need help with regards to what is banned in your state, or personalised support, please see our ban support resources page.

If you require assistance in using the website please connect with us on our contact page.

I have a comment or suggestion about the website - who can I talk to?

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We'd love feedback on how we can improve this site for users - please let us know through our comment form.

Looking to Submit Your Products to our database?

If you're a manufacturer of single-use products, please submit them to our database for assessment and inclusion.

We run on-ground programs for food retail businesses in select communities across Australia. Find out if your business in one of our program areas to receive free one-on-one support.